Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing

With a membership of over 30,000 in 133 countries, Postgraduate Diploma in  Professional Marketing from CIM UK is your Prestigious Business Passport that opens exciting career windows and entrepreneurial opportunities around the world.

What Most Degrees & MBAs Don’t Cover

CIM has evolved over 100 years seeing through the rise and fall of global brands and the emergence of digital world . The new syllabus will give you a set of cutting edge business tools for today’s business

The program covers business & marketing strategy, structure & culture  , management & leadership, innovation & entrepreneurship, finance, marketing planning, brand planning  campaign planning  corporate communications, digital strategy and overall organizational transformation, This is the formula to prepare you for 2020 and beyond.

Diploma In Professional Digital Marketing

Uber just completed 5 billion rides digitally. When Toys-R- Us, the largest toy shop filed for bankruptcy, Amazon sold over USD 2 Billion toys online . The first thing you did today morning was to get up and check your messages on the smart phone.  Everything’s gone digital, but not many Digital Strategists.

The CIM Professional Digital Diploma is the ultimate digital learning partnership to get certified & stay current.

Study Online

This for ones who are busy with work and personal commitment but has good self-discipline and self-learning capability.

Master Class

In a Master Class students learn all key concepts  relevant to Level 7 to get a holistic view of Strategic Marketing  and then apply it to relevant assignments separately. This builds better strategist and  strategic marketers with a stronger knowledge base and applied capability.

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