‘Educated’ Means Nothing, It’s about being ‘Educable..!

Yasas – Dafedil Academy

I come from a family of Educators. My father spent three decades in National Education and good time in UNESCO on education planning. There on a decade fighting the government for the short
sighted decision to discontinue The National Education Planning Division in the late 1970s, for which we are paying a heavy price today. He believed that there is no such thing as ‘Educated People’ but the need to build ‘Educable People’.  Educable is the capability of being educated, trainable, teachable. and a mindset to embrace continuous learning . This is the key , as circumstance , interests and markets will keep changing dynamically



“I think a lot of things that people learn, probably has no point in learning them because that they will never use them in the future, because kids just in school are kinda puzzled as to why they’re there”

Elon Mask – Tesla



The Broken System

I had zero pressure to get good grades at school, thanks to my father who set me free. I had ample freedom to explore and experiment .I was learning how to climb trees like Robin Hood and bicycle without brakes, while the school was testing me on names of rivers and failing me on that . It’s a Broken Education System.



“At School they teach you how other people think, during your most productive years It kills creativity. Makes people into bozos”

Steve Jobs – Apple


Learning Marketing

I went on to get a Business Degree while working , tried an accounting qualification but dropped out of it , paid a million for an MBA and dropped out of it as well, as it was only marginally better than my first degree . Just could not find the passion for academics till i found Marketing. Getting exposed to how IBM almost went bankrupt but bounced back , the death of Blackberry and the birth of the i phone was amazingly exciting and got me to embrace the subject of building brands and businesses . I went on to become a Chartered Marketer and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute Of Marketing (CIM) , Marketing helped me succeed at my career at HSBC and at NDB Bank. A career that started from being a bank teller went all the way to The Group Strategy Committee . This highlights the power of Business, Marketing & Digital, when learned right.


Building Brands

My professional interests in Sales went on to become SNIPEXX, a company focused on Sales Training & Consultancy. My rediscovered passion in cycling got me to take a decision to leave my Banking Career at the age of 37 to set up Spinner Cycling Centre and Cafe to promote Cycling among Sri Lankan’s. A passion that went all the way to bringing down the prestigious IRONMN70.3 International Triathlon to Sri Lanka, which became the most impactful Sports Tourism Event , generating over a USD 3 million economic impact within one week for the country and many more events.


Coaching Marketing

A decade and a half ago i took the role of becoming a Marketing Educator for CIM with an alliance with ICBS, teaching just one student, which went on to become Strategy College, the World’s Largest International Study Centre forCIM . CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing has progressed dynamically over the past 100 years and once gain is lined up for a syllabus change in 2020, pushing the world to change what we learn and how we learn.


“Educators are no longer classroom leaders, but helpmates. Students cluster together, working at laptops. They use software to select their own assignments, working at their own pace. And, should they struggle at teaching themselves, teachers are on hand to guide them”

Mark Zukerberg- Facebook


Dafedil is Born

Dafedil’ is built on the above thinking, a brand inspired by a decade and half of marketing Coaching and the friendly, vibrant, resilient and beautiful flower ‘Daffodil , ‘Dafedil is your Business , Marketing & Digital Academy for the next decade, making learning easy, enjoyable and engaging ’


  • M S Premarathne


    I want my son to follow Foundation Course CIM – Level 3. Can you let me know if you are able to conduct online classes for this? He is planning to do this while he is doing his AS/AL studies

    Please be kind as to guide me on this



  • Yasas Hewage

    Hi Muditha
    Thanks for your comments . We met with Treveen and had an interesting chat

    Best Regards


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