What is Master Class ?

In a Master Class students learn all key concepts  relevant to Level 7 to get a holistic view of Strategic Marketing  and then apply it to relevant assignments separately. This builds better strategist and  strategic marketers with a stronger knowledge base and applied capability.

Master Class is changing how you learn face to face , It amplifies the power of  face to face learning with sharp condenses content and practical sessions, but looks to eliminate the duplication of work and dead spots in traditional classrooms, Key knowledge areas are logically connected, simplified and supported with online content in the google classroom eliminating the need to drive up & down for multiple lectures.  It’s one Master Class per level per week , which saves 50% of your time

It’s like learning how a car works in totality and then focusing on  wheels and the steering wheel and fixing issues, but in the past we spent countless hours on  wheels and steering wheel separately and almost never figured out how to connect all that to a car that works , hence  most failed in the real world

Yasas Hewage , Chief Learning Officer – Dafedil  Academy 

What do you get ?

  • 15 face to face Master Class Concept /Theory Sessions  to cover all key aspects in Level 7
  • 4 Cover Up Classes to help the ones who are lagging Behind
  • 4 Face to Face Master Class  Assignment Guidance Sessions per Module
  • Assignment Video Guide for each assignment task
  • Assignment SMART Packs Guidance Deck for each Assignment Task
  • E- book access for all key theory requirements
  • 3 Face to Face Feedback Sessions do discuss assignment  progress
  • Unlimited Tutor access in the Google Class room to clarify doubts